Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scott Parker's BBQ

Lexington, Tn

On our way to drop off some paintings in Nashville, we had lunch at Scott Parker's. It was a solid BBQ sandwich. I might say it is on the spicer side. The pulled pork (traditional west tn BBQ) was juicy and tender. You even get a choice of vinegar or mayo slaw to top your sandwich. Yum!!!! We finished our lunch with fried pies. Double yum!

The restaurant is not far off I-40 just north of Jackson, Tn.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brook's Old Country Store

 The Haneys plus Kevin drove up to Jackson, TN today for my grandmother's 88th Birthday.

We met my grandmother (Big S) at Brooks Old Country Store. She lives in Medina, TN and we drove up from Oxford. We had the Sunday Buffet and they were doing a good business. It is a soul food buffet and the star is the cracklin' hoe cakes. Big S said that her mother made them (she grew up in North Gibson County, TN) and they called it fried cornbread.
The Shaw family has gone around the south and collected furniture for the store and Casey Jones' Museum. We dispelled the rumor that the soda fountain from the Medina Rexall was at the store, but the cabinets above are from the old Medina Pharmacy. The ice cream parlor in the main building is from Okalona, Mississippi.

If you are on 1-40 between Nashville and Memphis, I would stop at the Old Country Store for some hoe cakes, a little regional railroad history, and maybe some ice cream.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We made our way to Nu-Way!

Sorry for the blog silence... K and I have been really busy and frankly we haven't been to any new places.

However, last weekend we headed down to Savannah GA for an art conference. Instead of stopping at a Sonic for lunch, we went to the Nu-Way Weiners in Macon, Georgia for the chili slaw dog. It is a weird combination but the chili is yummy! Is that cinnamon I taste? And the food is a great deal- $2 for a great hot dog.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

LD's Kitchen in Vicksburg

 Kevin and I stopped in Vicksburg on our way to Shreveport. We had some lunch at the dowtown LD's. There are 2 locations. A word of warning- there are no signs for LD's. It is right on the river next to a playground.
 We had the meat and three. Baked chicken, sweet potatoes, black eyed peas, cornbread, and greens... Kevin said the sweet potatoes tasted like Many, Louisiana (where his mawmaw grew up). John T. says to eat the macaroni and cheese, but they didn't have any that day. I guess we will have to go again.
LD's loves coke machines.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Sorry for the radio silence.... Traveling has been light these days.

We headed up to Westside Bar-b-que, New Albany, MS on a game day. We avoided the massive crowds in Oxford and had an excellent lunch. The pulled pork barbeque was very good. I love a nice and simple barbeque sandwich. The slaw was a bit bland but that might be my personal taste. I am from Decatur Alabama, and my hometown bbq sandwich features a vinegary slaw that has a bit more kick.

The real showstopper is the desserts. Yum! My mother and I had the strawberry cake which was pink and luscious. My dad had the caramel cake.  He is a connoisseur and declared it was excellent. He now wants me to pick up a cake ($28) on my way home.

As an artist, I really enjoy the pig theme decorations. From the dancing pig mural to the pig collectible display cabinet, the effect is over the top, awesome, and only slightly disturbing.

Thanks Mamma for the photos!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Automatic for the HB!

We are in Athens, GA, attending the ThinkTank conference (radical art education). We made our way down to Weaver D's, near downtown on Broad Street. It is famous for the "Automatic for the People" sign that influenced REM. We had to go late (it closes around 6pm). I would recommend going for lunch because they were out of some things. However, we had the sweet potato souffle.  It was smooth, citrusy, and not too sweet. It was delicious! HB's catfish was amazing- light, tender and perfectly fried. It could give Taylor Grocery a run for its money.
Weaver D's aesthetic (oil cloth/panelling/random posters) is comfortable and no-nonsense and fits in with the "list."  Although the menu is smallish, all items fall into the comfort/soul category.  I should have gotten a fried porkchop sandwich to go....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kevin loves the Fungomery

Don't let the strip-mall facade fool you....Martin's is the real deal. Dating back to the 1930's, Martin's has been serving it up Wiregrass style forever.

Known for the corn muffins, you would be Krazy not to love them. A perfect mill grind, texture, and surface area make these unforgettable. Don't skimp on the butter, fool.....

 No restaurant can survive on corn muffins alone.  Good God, Martin's has excellent fried chicken. and sides. and desserts.  Both Lou and I had the small lunch plate.  One piece white meat and two sides.  I had the cole slaw and rice with gravy.  Lou had the collards and string beans.  I swear, the rice and gravy was identical to my Mamaw's.  She would have been dismayed how a restaurant in Alabama could have made her weekday staple in such an identical manner.....hmmmm.  Lou's collards were excellent.   Her fork didn't stop.  And then dessert.....coconut meringue pie for her, strawberry pudding for me.  I could have swallowed a gallon of this stuff.  Bless Martin's!
So to wrap up, here's the weekday menu for Martin's.  Hope you can read it....and go to Montgomery.  And coincidentally, this is the first restaurant, juke joint, stand, or cafe to actually realize and publicize (at least outwardly.) they were actually on John T.'s list of places to eat before you die.  Martin's said "Yep, we made the list.  We're proud.  Now eat."